January 25, 2020
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Around the Legion

Information on this page was last updated on the 24th of January 2020

In this section, you're going to find little bits of information from time to time about happenings, people, etc. "Around the Legion" so come back often to see who has been up to what or what items of interest may have occurred.

11 Nov     $300.00     Kevin Stringfellow     Special Draw - Remembrance Day
15 Nov     $ 20.00      Shirley Skiehar
22 Nov     $ 20.00      Jerry Bulitz
29 Nov     $ 20.00      Bob Haugen
 6  Dec     $ 20.00      Marcia Grunerud
13 Dec     $ 20.00      Tyler Bernard
20 Dec     $ 20.00      Maxine Greiner
21 Dec     $ 50.00      Jean Dierker     Special Draw - Legion  #77 Birthday
25 Dec     $ 50.00      Vivian Talbot    Special Draw - Christmas Day
27 Dec     $ 20.00      Doug Norman 
1  Jan      $ 50.00      Doug Harper     Special Draw - New Year's Day
3  Jan      $20.00       Devin Sinclair
10 Jan     $20.00       Harvey Litvanyi
17 Jan     $20.00       Pat Matyas
24 Jan     $20.00       Ed St. Pierre

BRANCH GENERAL MEETING.  The next General Meeting will be 29 January 2020 at 1900 hours.

LOUNGE.  Unless otherwise posted, the Legion Lounge will be open every Saturday. Meat draws will be held at approximately 5:00.  The number of meat draws (maximum 10) will be dependent on the number of guests we have and the number of tickets sold.  Tickets are $5.00 for a strip of five tickets. The lounge opens at 3:00 p.m. 

Saturday, 25 January 2020, we will be cooking up hamburgers for a cost of $5.00 each. See you there!

SHERRING OPTICAL DONATION. We extend our sincere thanks to Sherring Optical for their generous donation in the amount of $1,000.00. This will go towards the general operation of our branch and support of our community. 

LEGACY CO-OP DONATION.  On Wednesday, 16 October 2019, Yorkton Legacy Co-op made a donation to our Legion from barbeque fundraisers they held over the summer. This is greatly appreciated by our Executive and members. Thank you Legacy Co-op! 

Pictured from left to right are Reagan McLelland, Grocery Manager, Comrade Barry Whitehead, Branch President and Comrade Ken Gordon, 1st Vice-President.

LIBERATION 75 TULIPS.  The Liberation 75 Commemorative Planting Campaign is underway.  The goal is to cover the country in 1.1 million Liberation 75 Tulips in honour of the 1.1 million Canadians who served during the Second World War.  (Additional information is available via internet at liberation75.ca.)  

On Tuesday, 8 October 2019, Grade 10 History students from Yorkton Regional High School planted Liberation 75 tulips at the cenotaph on Darlington and then in the afternoon at the City Cemetery, as pictured below.


At the General Meeting 18 September 2019, the Yorkton & District Pipe Band were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and an honorarium in the amount of $1,000.00 in thanks for their many past and future years of service to our Legion.  Pictured are Dave Gillard and Ferne Katzberg with Branch President Barry Whitehead.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP PRESENTATIONS.  On 22 May 2019, two of our comrades were presented with life memberships:


Peter became a member of the Yorkton branch in 1995, having been a member in Fredericton NB and Chilliwack BC prior. He enlisted into the Military Police at the age of 25, serving in Canada, Germany and Cyprus.  Medals awarded during his service were: 1968 Cyprus (United Nations) and Centennial; 1970 Canadian Declaration; 2000 Peace Keeping.  He later joined the militia, army cadets and later was CEO of the Navy League (Sea Cadets).  Within our branch, he held multiple offices including President and Sgt. at Arms as well as serving on various committees spanning over 18 years.  Today, he is still active in the branch as Sgt. at Arms and part of our Executive membership.  Pictured are Ken Box (Provincial Command Honours and Awards Committee Member) and Barry Whitehead (Branch President) with Comrade Wyatt.


Ed became a member of the Yorkton branch in 2001.  He served in the Canadian forces from 1954 to 1969 as an Army Warrant Officer and was awarded the Canadian Decoration Medal and Honourable Service Medal.  He served in Germany and Canada.  Upon discharge, he was employed with Veterans Affairs for 14 years.  In 2001, he took charge of the Service Officer position within our Legion, which he still does to this day.  Over the years, he has held all Executive positions, working up to President.  Pictured are Ken Box (Provincial Command Honours and Awards Committee Member) and Barry Whitehead (Branch President) with Comrade St. Pierre. 

As an aside, Ed was invited by Veterans Affairs to travel to Normandy for D-Day this year. 

Life Members Comrade Peter Wyatt and Comrade Ed St. Pierre


Can you help with the ICB interview project which is trying to find families of soldiers who fell in World War II and are buried in the Holten Canadian War Cemetery in the Netherlands? 

We are looking for information on Rfn George S. Wilson from Yorkton who served with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Regiment, Registration No. L/108421, date of death April 10, 1945.  If you have any information on this rifleman, please contact the Legion office at 306-783-9789 or by email at branch77yorkton@gmail.com. 

The year 2020 will mark the 75th Liberation Anniversary for May 5, 1945, a Dutch ceremony honouring those Canadians who fell in World War II liberating the Netherlands.

The Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery (ICB) in Holten, Netherlands is planning to interview relatives (siblings, spouses, children, other relatives, friends) of deceased soldiers who are buried in Holten.  Plans are to visit the interviewees at their homes in Canada.


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