October 14, 2019
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Remembrance Week 2018


Our 2018 Poppy Campaign was very successful.


Wreath Donations                                         $12,008.99                                          

Tag Day and Poppy Donations                    $21,119.30                          

Wristband Sales                                             $     168.50

TOTAL                                                              $33,296.79


Of this money, thus far, we have presented $14,000.00 in support the following organizations:


The Health Foundation                                  $ 5,000.00

Yorkton Air Cadets                                          $ 1,000.00

Yorkton Army Cadets                                      $ 1,000.00

Yorkton Navy League                                      $ 1,000.00

SIGN Senior Mobility Program                      $ 1,000.00

Meals on Wheels - Yorkton                           $ 1,000.00

Leave the Streets Behind                               $ 1,000.00

Discovering the Power in Me                        $ 1,000.00           

Moose Jaw Family Resource Centre            $ 1,000.00

Dundurn Family Resource Centre                $ 1,000.00


Applications for support are currently underway for our local nursing homes and retirement communities.  Further information will be posted on this site.


Funds have also been utilized to pay for our veterans and widows lunches on Remembrance Day, costs associated with Tag Day and Remembrance Day and installation of the handicap bathroom at our Legion facility.   


Eight bursaries in the amount of $750.00 each will be awarded to Yorkton Regional High School and Sacred Heart High School students at their graduation ceremonies. 


Every year, students from Yorkton and area schools are invited to participate in the yearly poster and literary contests.  The categories are Essay, Poem, Poster (Colour) and Poster (Black & White) at the primary, junior, intermediate and senior levels.  First, second and third prizes are awarded in each category.  First prize is $30.00, second $25.00 and third $20.00.   A total of $855.00 in prize money has been awarded.  And the winners are…




Back Row (Left to Right): 1st Vice President Ken Gordon; Nikki Devins - 2nd Jr. Poster (B&W); Michaela Corkum - 2nd Intermediate Poster (B&W); Isabelle Easton - 3rd Intermediate Poster (B&W); Branch President Barry Whitehead.

Front Row (Left to Right):  Kalliegh McCallum - 2nd Primary Poster (B&W); Dougal Farquharson - 1st Primary Poster (B&W); Ashley Coy - 1st Jr. Poster (B&W); Jenna Laycock - 1st Jr. Poem; Charlotte Loewen - 1st Intermediate Poem at branch level and third at Zone level.


Branch President Barry Whitehead and 1st Vice President Ken Gordon presenting Chantel Butler with her award for 2nd Intermediate Poster (Colour).

Branch President Barry Whitehead and 1st Vice President Ken Gordon presenting Parker Hollinger his award for 2nd Jr. Essay.

Branch President Barry Whitehead and 1st Vice President Ken Gordon presenting Bailee Holstein her award for 1st Jr. Essay.


Left to Right: Past President Peter Wyatt; Piper Beatty - 1st Jr. Poster (Colour); Eli Beatty - 1st Primary Poster (Colour); Marissa Budz - 2nd Intermediate Poem; Ruby Rowe - 3rd Primary Poster (Colour); 1st Vice President Ken Gordon.


Branch President Barry Whitehead presenting Tristen Matkowski his award for 2nd Sr. Poem.

Branch President Barry Whitehead presenting Courteney Carroll her award for 3rd Sr. Poem.


Branch President Barry Whitehead presenting awards to (left to right): Andrew Werle - 1st Intermediate Poster (Colour); Judy Lopez - 3rd Intermediate Poem; Anna Tanchyk - 3rd Intermediate Poster (Colour).



Branch President Barry Whitehead and 1st Vice President Ken Gordon presenting Dawson Malinowski his award for 1st Sr. Essay.  Missing is Jeanne Almonia who won 1st Sr. Poem at the branch level and second prize at the Zone level.


Left to Right: Nicholas Laskowski - 1st Intermediate Essay at branch level and third at Zone level; Emma Koberinski - 3rd Jr. Essay; Marshall McClenaghan - 3rd Intermediate Essay; Halle Mykytyshyn - 3rd Jr. Poster (Colour); Joshua Laskowski - 2nd Jr. Poem.  Missing:  Ellie Rawlick - 2nd Intermediate Essay.  Back Row: Branch President Barry Whitehead; 1st Vice President Ken Gordon.


Left to Right:  Keisha Quinto - 1st Intermediate Poster (B&W); Evia McDowell - 2nd Jr. Poster (Colour); Kailyn Benko - 2nd Primary Poster (Colour); Ally Wiome - 3rd Primary Poster (B&W); Ben Bowtell - 3rd Jr. Poem.  Missing:  Marie Klassen - 3rd Jr. Poster (B&W).  Back Row: President Barry Whitehead; 1st Vice President Ken Gordon.


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